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Welcome To The Loveliest Thing

As I sit down this afternoon and write this editor’s letter, I am more intimidated than I probably should be. I am no professional, matter of fact I am far from it. I am a small town girl, lover of all things pretty and pink, with a major passion for all things beauty.

I began this blog in 2014 as a hobby and a way to share my love for makeup and fashion with people worldwide. The Loveliest Thing became my platform to express and share things that inspired me,  with hopes to inspire you in the same light. Here I share ideas and tips on how to bring beauty into your everyday life.

This is the notion behind my blog.

I want my blog to be your go to in the morning while you sip your latte or when you’re sitting in a three-hour class lecture and need a break. I want my blog to inspire you, be supportive and act as a reliable source of inspiration.

I’m craving experience. I’m willing to learn along the way and am comfortable knowing I don’t know everything. If you’re willing to bare with me, I want to share my everyday life with you.

I am the face behind The Loveliest Thing and it is with great excitement, I welcome you.


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