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Online Shopping 101: 3 Of My Favourite Online Clothing Stores For Women

One of the best things about technology these days has to be the ability to buy things online by the click of a button, anywhere, at anytime. Dangerous I know. Nothing satisfies me more than to be able to browse online stores around the world for unique, eye popping fashion that isn’t offered here in Canada.

Now, let’s get down to business. I’ve done what I would consider a lot of online shopping. From expensive fashion, to not so expensive fashion. I’ve had good experiences and bad experiences, anywhere from tardy deliveries, to being sent the wrong order. So, without further ado, here are three of my absolute favourite online stores I ADORE and have never once had any issues with. These babies rate a 10 out of 10 in my books. Enjoy!


Dolce Vita In White

Dolce Vita In White


Showpo, oooh Showpo. This online store is based out of Australia and was the first online store I ever purchased from. I first discovered Showpo 3 years ago; I believe it was still an up and coming online store at the time. Long story short, I became obsessed with it! Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like Canada doesn’t have beautiful clothes and talented designers (because we do), but what caught my attention was the simple and fun dresses and playsuits. The cuts are fabulous and the prices are extremely reasonable for a student on a budget. Not only that, but shipping to Canada has been FREE every time I have ordered!! I’m still not quite sure how that works, but I’m not complaining. I could go on for hours about this store, but it’s something you just need to check out for yourself. You’re welcome in advance.

2. Tobi

Neverending Skater Dress

I’ve known about Tobi for little over a year now, and have ordered with them multiple times. The fabulous aspect of this online clothing store is the array of clothes from high end to low end prices, all of which are incredibly stylish and perfect if you’re in your early twenty, like myself. Lots of their dresses are classy with high neck lines, which I love. They have cute outfits for date night, a night out on the town, and a casual backyard BBQ. The clothes are extremely versatile and shipping is reasonably priced, and arrives on time. I love the true girliness this website portrays. Check out this highly rated site, you wont regret it 🙂

3. Lulus

Blooming Prairie Crocheted In Pink

Blooming Prairie Crocheted In Pink

Lulus. You’ve probably seen this store advertised on the side bar of YouTube. That’s how I first discovered it and I’m super happy I decided to click that little logo. This is my go to site when I’m searching for a special dress for an occasion. They have a HUGE selection, and every piece of clothing is different. Each represents a completely different style and the sizing fits perfectly. I also love the unique shoe section this site offers. I purchased a pair of nude to-die-for heels for $28! Yay! If that doesn’t give you a good enough reason to check this site out, I don’t know what you’re thinking!!

Do you have any recommendations of any online clothing stores I should checkout? Comment down below, I would love to hear from you 🙂




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