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6 Real Facts About University

1. It’s easier to make friends than you think

Everyone is in the same boat. Going into first year, I knew exactly 3 people from my high school that chose the same University as me. I wasn’t close with them, so essentially I knew no one and believe me it was scary and exciting all at the same time. But in the end I’m glad, because it forced me to get out of my shell and open up. I’ve created so many friendships that I’m extremely grateful for and have met a ton of interesting people I wouldn’t of otherwise met. Most importantly, keep an open mind. This is honestly an exciting time in your life, don’t let it pass you by.

2. Food becomes a huge deal

Whether you’re in first year and forced to eat the crappy dining hall food or an upper year student on a budget, having to cook all your meals. At some point in time roommates WILL steal food, it doesn’t seem like a big deal, but trust me it will rattle your skin. However, food brings everyone together. Whether you meet up with your res to go to the dining hall after a long day, or come home to your roommates and cook a nice meal together. Food creates a social gathering and is a great break from studying and a long day of classes. Food= joy.

3. Don’t wear pyjamas to class or campus period.

This should be obvious. But it amazes me how many students do this. You’re not in elementary school, we don’t have pyjama day. You’re in university, it’s disrespectful and straight up makes you appear lazy. Get it together kiddo.

4. Frosh week WILL be the best week of your life, enjoy it while it lasts

This is true. This is the week you meet a lot of different people. Chances are this is the week you will meet the friends you’ll spend the next four years of your University career with. If you’re as lucky as myself, you will find amazing life long friends.

5. It’s a time to start over

If you didn’t like who you were in high school, than what better chance for a clean slate than coming to school. No one knows or cares who you were in high school, make now count.

6. Drop it like it’s hot

Do exactly not that. You’ll be exposed to a lot of partying in first year. You will discover the true colours of people you party with. Be smart, go out with people you’re comfortable with and don’t get carried away and end up on someone’s Snapchat story as the girl who just discovered cake vodka.

For all those going to University for the first time this fall, I wish you the best of luck. It was one of the most memorable years for me, and it just continues to get better as the years go on 🙂



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