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DIY Prada Art

Today I’m going to show you how to create the above Prada Marfa artwork.

One of my all time favourite television shows will forever be Gossip Girl, which inspired the idea for this painting. For those of you familiar with the show, there is a massive Prada painting in the Van Der Woodsen penthouse, which I fell in love with (see photo above). So, after years of looking where to buy a replica and having no such luck, I finally decided to take on the challenge of creating it myself. It took a lot of patience and 2 days to complete. However, the finished product is super satisfying and glamorous.

To begin you will need the following items:

  1. A canvas (I used a 36” by 42” canvas, but you can scale it down to fit your space)
  2. White and black paint
  3. Paint roller/ fine paint brush
  4. A Sharpie
  5. Masking tape
  6. A pencil
  7. A ruler

Step 1

Prep the canvas by using a roller to paint the surface and the sides. I like a roller better than a brush because it’s easier to distribute the paint across a large area and prevents unevenness. I let this dry over night and began drawing the letters the next day.

Step 2

Use a ruler to mark out a straight line for PRADA and MARFA, but instead of using a pencil to draw a line (which you would have to paint over again), use the masking tape to create the line, which makes life a lot easier!

Step 3

This is where your artistic skills shine or fail aha. By looking at the inspiration photo above, begin to draw out the letters LIGHTLY with a pencil, using a ruler to achieve the straightest possible lines. It is crucial that the lines are perfectly straight since it is such a simple design, and if one letter is off, it ruins the whole thing. So take your time and don’t rush it!

Step 4

Whoo you made it past the hardest step! Now grab that black Sharpie and begin filling in 1837 Ml. Since the lettering is extremely tiny, I found it easier to control a Sharpie rather than a paintbrush.


Step 5

Begin painting in the rest of the lettering and arrow with a fine paintbrush. To make it easier, I carefully outlined the letters with my brush first, than filled in the remaining. You can use a larger brush to fill in the bigger gaps, but I prefer a smaller brush for better control.

Voilà!! You now own your own little piece of Gossip Girl! I LOVE this simple, clean design that brings a really luxurious vibe to any space!

Enjoy loves!




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