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Everything You Need To Know About Eyelash Extensions

Last week I made the executive decision to book an eyelash extension appointment. I absolutely can’t stand wearing mascara, especially in the winter months since my eyes water uncontrollably from the cold. Not to mention, I also hate taking it off at the end of the day because makeup remover has always irritated my eyes. I researched a solution and decided eyelash extensions was the answer to my problem.


So lets dive right into the most asked questions I have gotten since the application.

How long did it take? 

I got a full set and it took a little over 2 hours.

Are they painful?

Absolutely not. In fact, the salon I went to played relaxing music and I practically fell asleep! Do your research and go to a certified eyelash technician that knows what they’re doing and you will not feel a thing!

Can you feel them on your eyes?

Yes and no. I tend to rub my eyes a lot, but I obviously can’t do that with them on. It has taking sometime to get use to, but unlike strip false eyelashes (which feel heavy on my eyes) these are individually placed hairs that are the same weight as my natural lashes.

What kind of lashes do you have?

I have synthetic 1D lashes, with customized lengths and 2 lashes per 1 natural lash. In total I have anywhere from 80 to 100 lashes per eye.

How much did I pay?

Depending on the style of lash, where you go and how much experience the technician has, prices can differ. I paid $135 for synthetic lashes that the technician customized to my eye shape. However, a friend of mine paid $70, and hers look just as good. It honestly depends on how pricey the salon is.

How long will they last?  

Mine are suppose to last up to 3 weeks before needing refills, however the longevity also depends on how well I take care of them. An interesting fact is that they actually shed with your natural eye lashes, so it also depends on your lash cycle.

Can you wear eye makeup with lash extensions?

Yes, you can wear mascara that is specifically made for lash extensions, but regular mascara will ruin them and they won’t last as long. Also, I was told to avoid using liquid eye liner because it destroys the glue of the lashes. All eye shadows are safe to use, just be gentle when applying it.

My final verdict is that yes, eyelash extensions are an investment, but if you are like myself and struggle with watery eyes that easily smudge your mascara and want a easy solution, they are a well worth it quick fix. If you are considering them, my biggest word of advice to you is to do your research. Check if they are licensed, have a website, Facebook page, and pictures of their past clients. Our eyes are a very sensitive area and you want to make sure the technician is a professional and uses the proper glue and tools. I love my extensions because they are natural looking, glamorous without the fuss and they cut my makeup routine in half.

Let me know if you have any further questions or if you have ever tried eyelash extensions yourself. Do you think they’re worth the buck?

Xo Britt

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