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Spring Fashion Inspiration

As the stress of exam season approaches, I wanted to brighten up your day with some of my favourite fashion picks for spring 2015. To me, spring represents a fresh new season and time to experiment with fun, bright colours and wake up from the long, dreary winter months in Canada. Black and white will always be my power suit colours, but when springtime rolls around, I like to mix in some soft pastels to my wardrobe. This season, I am obsessed with the colours of blush, mint blue and lavender. They are flattering on all skin tones and hair colours, adding an awake element to anyone’s outfit.

So sit back, make a cup of tea and take a much deserved break from the books and enjoy these fun outfits I believe are just darling for spring, and hopefully give you inspiration for your personal style.

Spring 2015 Fashion

Heart Strings Dress“Heart Strings Dress” available here

“Secret Desires Dress” available here

“Look So Perfect Skirt” available here

“Robyn Maxi Dress” available here

“Colours Of The Wind Maxi Dress” available here

“Maxin’ Relaxin’ Multi Print Maxi Dress” available here

“Mint Green Lace Maxi Dress”available here

“Jeslina Cutout Jumpsuit” available here

“Grace Lace Back Romper” available here

“Eternal Bliss Dress” available here

I’d love to see what your favourite springtime fashion trends are! Be sure to leave a comment down below and share with me your inspirations:)

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