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Current Craves

With the cold winter months in full swing, the brisk temperatures and short periods of sunlight have me craving a one-way plane ticket to Bora Bora! On a more positive note however, the snowy scenery brings out some of my favourite winter fashions. What girl doesn’t love long wool trench coats, all leather everything, velvet, oversized turtle necks and thigh high boots?! Below I have created a list of my current fashion cravings that help give me life through the dull January weather. Happy shopping!

1. Nicholas Turtleneck grey sweater

2. Durandal Sweater sweater

3. Grace Dressf15_07_a08_56869_10006_off_a

4. Sian Coatcoat

5. Spencer Wool Coat f15_01_a05_57352_4322_off_a

6. Calloway Coat f15_01_a05_56652_1621_off_a

7. Nori Dressf15_07_a08_58040_11459_off_a

8. Lisiere Dressf15_07_a08_46708_10340_off_a

9. Chatou Vestf15_04_a04_49309_9901_off_a

10. Daria Pantf15_07_a06_56855_3657_off_a

11. Cebu Pants15_05_006_47181_4280_off_f

12. Boling Scarf f15_07_n03_57136_10481_off_a

13. Bram Pull Through Scarf f15_01_n03_57962_2195_off_a

14. Baylis Hatf15_02_n02_58052_10470_off_a

15. Hand Made Waistcoat 7522245710_6_1_1

17. Bove Over The Knee Boot 


Fave stores for the best winter fashion finds:



Aldo Shoes 


xo, Britt

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