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The Best Of Copenhagen

I’m back! Today I’m sharing with you my 3 day Copenhagen adventure. I recently went on vacation to Europe and thought I would make a travel guide for each city I visited. Denmark is said to be one of the top ranked happiest countries in world and I now understand why. The lifestyle, people, food and culture are truly amazing. They value a cultural construct called Hygge, you can read all about it here. This concept really shows in their laid back lifestyle and their value of togetherness with friends and family. I loved all the architecture and life the city has. In this post I’m sharing all the attractions and restaurants I went while there. I hope this helps you plan your visit to Copenhagen.

Where To Eat

  • Breakfast- Atelier September (get the avocado toast)
  • Brunch- Baryl (The blogger’s plate is the best brunch I have ever had)
  • Lunch- Kebabistan (Visit the Norrebrogade location, it’s the best)
  • Lunch/ Light Dinner- Smagsloget
  • Dinner- Barburrito (Order the shrimp tacos, you’ll thank me later)
  • Sweet Treat- Munchies

What To See

  • Tivoli
  • Rosenborg Castle
  • King’s Garden
  • University Of Copenhagen Botanical Garden
  • Nyhavn
  • Rundetaarn (The Round Tower)
  • City Hall Square (good shopping)
  • Freetown Christiana

How To Get Around 

You can purchase a City Pass for 24, 48, 72 or 120 hours. This works for the metro, trains, and buses, including to and from the airport. The public transit systems in CPH are super convenient and so easy to use. I highly suggest purchasing a pass. Click here for more information.

IMG_0131IMG_0106IMG_0065IMG_0063IMG_0149IMG_0075IMG_0110 2IMG_0116 2IMG_0199 3IMG_0315IMG_0295IMG_0307IMG_0258IMG_0324IMG_0211IMG_0232 2IMG_0069IMG_0146IMG_0167IMG_0247IMG_0353IMG_0079IMG_0208IMG_0301IMG_0210IMG_0251IMG_0309IMG_0108IMG_0086IMG_0341IMG_0356IMG_0252

If you are deciding where to travel next, I highly suggest visiting Copenhagen. You will not regret it!

Have you visited CPH? If so, what were some of your favourite restaurants or attractions?  I would love to go back and try your recommendations!


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