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The Best Boxing Week Deals!

  1 | 2 | 3 (Similar Scarf) | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | Happy Thursday! I hope everyone had an amazing holiday with family and friends! In case you wanted to hit up some boxing week specials, I’ve done the work for you and gathered my top picks above. I’ve included items from almost every category that are on sale at AMAZING price points. Cheers,

The Best Black Friday Deals!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! I LOVE a good deal and this year’s Black Friday sales are amazing! Below I share my Back Friday picks from multiple stores, including Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, Revolve, Rudsak and more! Happy shopping 🙂 1  | 2 |3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 |11 | 12 | 13 | 14 |15 | 16 |

Current Craves

With the cold winter months in full swing, the brisk temperatures and short periods of sunlight have me craving a one-way plane ticket to Bora Bora! On a more positive note however, the snowy scenery brings out some of my favourite winter fashions. What girl doesn’t love long wool trench coats, all leather everything, velvet, oversized turtle necks and thigh high boots?! Below I have created a list of my current fashion cravings that help give me life through the dull January weather. Happy shopping! 1. Nicholas Turtleneck  2. Durandal Sweater  3. Grace Dress 4. Sian Coat 5. Spencer Wool Coat  6. Calloway Coat  7. Nori Dress 8. Lisiere Dress 9. Chatou Vest 10. Daria Pant 11. Cebu Pant 12. Boling Scarf  13. Bram Pull Through Scarf  14. Baylis Hat 15. Hand Made Waistcoat  17. Bove Over The Knee Boot  Fave stores for the best winter fashion finds: Aritzia  Zara Aldo Shoes  Topshop  xo, Britt

Poolside Fashion Essentials

With summer in full swing and the opening of outdoor pool season, I am ecstatic to share with the rest of you beach bums my poolside and beach essentials. This season a lot of stores displayed fantastic collections of pool day clothing, beachy whites and floppy hats. A store I was surprisingly impressed with this summer was Old Navy. I’ve never been to keen on this store, but on a recent shopping trip I decided to have a peak and ended up leaving with some quality pieces for a hell of a good price. I’ll link everything down below for you guys 🙂 1. A Cute Beach Bag If you’re looking for a stylish new beach bag, Lily Pulitzer has by far the cutest summer accessories and clothing. Her designs are full of bright coloured patterns and prints, with a resort vibe that is unlike any other designer. Her pieces are perfect for summer and are reasonably priced for an item you’ll get multiple uses out of. 2. A Stylish Bathing Suit  3. A Cover …

How To Add Colour This Spring

Spring has officially sprung in Canada (thank God) and what better time to brighten up your style than with a fresh pop of colour. Whether it’s trying a new coral lipstick, adding a bold yellow handbag, or pairing your cream dress with a pair of mint coloured pumps. This spring is all about adding bright, vibrant pops of colour instead of wearing it head to toe. If you’re anything like me, and the idea of wearing a lot of colour freaks you out, this is a great trend for us scaredy-cats because it allows us to ease into the idea of adding colour to our style. So how do you add pops of colour? It’s simpler than you think, and anyone can do it, whether you’re on a low or high end budget. Below I’ve included ideas on how to incorporate pops of colour this spring, so you too can accomplish this trend. Monochromatic Outfits      Monochromatic outfits have been super trendy over the last couple of months and a celebrity that is notorious for wearing …

Spring Fashion Inspiration

As the stress of exam season approaches, I wanted to brighten up your day with some of my favourite fashion picks for spring 2015. To me, spring represents a fresh new season and time to experiment with fun, bright colours and wake up from the long, dreary winter months in Canada. Black and white will always be my power suit colours, but when springtime rolls around, I like to mix in some soft pastels to my wardrobe. This season, I am obsessed with the colours of blush, mint blue and lavender. They are flattering on all skin tones and hair colours, adding an awake element to anyone’s outfit. So sit back, make a cup of tea and take a much deserved break from the books and enjoy these fun outfits I believe are just darling for spring, and hopefully give you inspiration for your personal style. Spring 2015 Fashion “Heart Strings Dress” available here “Secret Desires Dress” available here “Look So Perfect Skirt” available here “Robyn Maxi Dress” available here “Colours Of The Wind Maxi …

Monday Motivation

All of society seems to dread the M word. Mondays represent more than just the start to a possibly long and dreadful week, but it signifies a new beginning to fulfill and conquer goals you slacked on the previous week. Remember that saying “look good, feel good?” This is my Monday motto. When you dress presentable, you’re more likely to not only be taken seriously, but also feel more confident in your skin. So, when I wake up on a Monday morning, I like to put my best foot forward and dress in my all time favourite shades of black and white. It’s chic, fresh, classic, and flatters all body types and complexions. So here is your Monday motivation. Roll out of bed, make yourself a nice coffee and get inspired! Avoid reaching for that baggy hoodie, and put a little effort into your life! You’re a big girl and it’s about time you start dressing like one. You want to land that Vogue internship? Or start a beauty channel on YouTube? Want to be …

New Years Eve Outfit Inspiration

With all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, lets not forget one of the biggest celebrations, New Years Eve! I like to plan my outfit at least a week in advance so I’m not scrambling around the night before. I put together some outfits to inspire you within the next few days to help find the perfect New Years outfit to shine in! Let me know what you end up wearing for New Years, as I would love to see what you guys wear!:) I’ll be posting a picture after New Years to share with you my outfit and how I rang in the New Year! Cheers, Xo Britt I wore a fitted, high neck white dress from Tobi xo

Back To School: Fall 2014 Fashion

It’s hard to believe summer is fading away and within a couple days, I’ll be back in my University’s hometown. However, I am more than ready to move back and reunite with all my friends. When it comes to shopping and fashion, my favourite season has always been Fall and with the arrival of the autumn air, comes back to school shopping. There’s no better excuse for a new wardrobe, than a brand new school year. The excitement of buying new fall clothes always out weighed the realities of the work and the stress involved with school. There is something to be said about that first day back. It’s a chance to show off the new you, the more mature you and your personal style, whether it’s following trends or making your own. Recently, I did a little back to school shopping with one of my besties. We had a lovely girls day in the city, shopping and eating, making a big dent in our bank accounts (oops). That being said, I’m going to share …